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Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)

Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plagiarism aka Ciplak?

Friends...can you spot the differences between these 2 photos?

The 1st photo was uploaded by my old orchid friend TUAN HAMDAN OSMAN on 15 August 2010..the author of book VARIASI DUNIA ORKID published by ALAF 21 Sdn he said..he just selling the photo that painted by NOID vietnamese artist at RM1000... the 2nd photo is from my personal orchid collection.. I uploaded the photo on 27th February 2007 at my web photo gallery ( Dr. Izah's Exotic Gallery) at
The 'print screen image' from Tuan Hamdan's facebook that promoting the painting.

The 'print screen image' of my photo gallery front page : Dr Izah's Exotic Gallery. It's show you the 'Phalaenopsis' folder and copyright by khairimhd, my internet name.

The 'print screen image' when you clicked the 'Phalaenopsis' folder. Can you spot the '2 bellinas' in red-dotted circle?

The 'print screen image' when you clicked the photo, the bigger photo of the '2 bellinas'

By refer again to the '2 bellinas' photo below.. is the plagiarism occured?

Refer to this article ... a Chinese photograper taken the photo in year 1996.. and later in 2003, another Chinese artist painted a painting look like the 1996's photo...without any permission by the photographer.

The 'print screen image' of the painting painted by the artist in year 2003

The 'print screen image' of the photo taken by the photographer in year 1996

So How?


Sofiera~Hoya said...

sabar yer En.Khairi dugaan bulan posa...ada hikmah menanti

. said...

ye kak..Insya Allah..sentiasa dalam keadaan sabar..itu cuma teguran untuk 'dia', saya sendiri dan sahabat-sahabat supaya sentiasa jaga adab.