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Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)

Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)
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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Triang Botanical Valley (TBV) just inspired me to develope a bigger flower farm in Pahang. After 1 year, my application for flower's farm lot at TKPM Tebing Tinggi, Bera, Pahang Darul Makmur was succeed. Thanks to Jabatan Pertanian Bera.

BFV is for Bera Flower Valley. Located 15km from Bera Town. 2 hours drive from Kuantan. 3 hours drive from KL. Bera Town very closed with several small towns like Triang and Kerayong. These 3 places very popular with bird's nest house. Please do come to these places to feel the scenario.

BFV now slowly develop as a flower farm. With 10 acres area, BFV may be the biggest flower farm in Pahang. Since BFV is a continuity from TBV, the entities inside is about same but with larger scale like orchids, platycerium, hibiscus, lycopodium and etc. Unfortunately, due to in development process, BFV not open for visit yet.

In promoting the BFV, Selangoria 2009 is the first place for introduction. Thanks to Kak Esah owner of Exotic Matahari Nursery and 'Otai in Kemboja', B'GREEN Fertiliser adn B'GREEN Tropical Exotic Plantae for the support. :)

What happened to TBV? TBV still remain as it is.


Sonis Tan Shaur Wei said...

I am shaur wei. From Kampung Baru Triang, I would like to know how to go to your TBV or BFV.

This is first time I know that have the place that call TBV.

Hopefully you can see my reply.

. said...

Hi Sonis

TBV ( Triang Botanical Valley) the name that I called my garden. TBV located at Felda Bukit Pucung..about 30km from the Triang Town towards Kemayan.