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Tawaran hebat melalui Karangkraf Mall

Tawaran hebat melalui Karangkraf Mall

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Air Plants

Tillandsia fillifolia

Tillandsia, a member of Bromeliad family. This beautiful plant is found in the Central and South America, Mexico, USA. Tillandsia absorb nutrients, air and moisture through its element that called trichomes located at its leaves. The root only to anchor the plant to the subtract like rock, tree and driftwood. Tillandsia can grow well in Malaysian climate. Its very unique as ornamental plant in your garden. Tillandsia usneiodes or Spanish moss or 'Janggut Nabi' or ' Janggut Hantu', is the common air plant can be found among Malaysian garden.

Watering : Alternate day at the morning
Fertilizer : 1/4 from recommend concentration.

I used many type of subtracts to plant all my air plant like driftwood, rock, cementferro, PVC pipe and free media.

Tillandsia stricta 'Silver Star'

Tillandsia White Star

A group of Tillandsias

Tillandsia capitata 'Peach' in bloom.


Cash said...

Hi there, my name is cash . Like to know where I can buy some of these beautiful tilandsia to start a collection. Email me

Cash said...

Hi there, my name is cash . Like to know where I can buy some of these beautiful tilandsia to start a collection. Email me

. said...

Hi Cash..

May I know which species that you're interested?

nekochan said...

Hi, I'm interested in buying some air plants to start a collection. Please let me know how I can buy them?


Lina said...

Hi There,

May I know where can I buy some Tillandsia White Star..thanks

. said...

To all ..

You can contact my Sifu..Andy Tan at all visit his for Andy Tan.

Ha Ha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ha Ha said...

Hi, Good Day. My name is Seng.
I also interest to buy some tilandsia and tanduk risa for collection, can u email me some more info and the price, Thak U very much. My email is