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Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)

Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)
Ia ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman penulis sendiri. Boleh dibeli di Karangkraf Mall secara online ya. :)

Bab Bonus

Buku ini juga membincangkan mengenai perladangan Vanila di Malaysia di dalam Bab Bonus. Penulis memberi pandangannya mengenai permasalahan yang perlu diatasi sebelum melakukan pelaburan di dalam perladangan Vanila di Malaysia.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prepare to fight...

In many orchid competitions, I never participated in Class of Doritis and Doritaenopsis due to no a such plant in my collection that can be in that class. I decided to have several Doritaenopsis for next orchid competition onwards. I'm preparing to fight! :)

Unknown Paraphalaenopsis hybrid. I loved the yellow sepals/petals and its brownish lip. This plant will entering in Class of Paraphalaenopsis hybrid.

Let me introduce all the Doritaenopsis that I just bought today. Here the no.1..An infloresence with 3 braches. Soft pink tones.

The red spots fired me to buy this Doritaenopsis.

Waxy violet in color...and the beauty lip's color texture. Can't resist to ignore it.

Clean violet in color..the size of flower bigger than the waxy viloet Doritaenopsis.

My favourite purchased today. Its complex hybrid..which Aerides odorata 'alba' genes inside it. Very clean white..contrast with yellow...about 1.5 feet long of its infloresence..

Here the 4 plants that the seller refused to sell..thought he want to enjoy the pretty blooming.

Phalaenopsis Princess the stripes.

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