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Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)

Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)
Ia ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman penulis sendiri. Boleh dibeli di Karangkraf Mall secara online ya. :)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoi ya Hoi

Soon its will be for sale..but very far, very rare for TBV to do plants sale...This sale announce due to some renovation at TBV that effect these Hoya habitat. So.. we do some cutting and sell lah!

Hoya no.1 : Not for sale...bcoz very common in Peninsular Malaysia

Hoya no.2 : Updated at 14.00 : Only 2 pots available out of 5 pots
Updated at 15.00 : Only 1 pot available
Updated at 16.51 : SOLD OUT. Offer closed

Hoya no.3 : Updated at 14.00 ( 24/3/2010 ) : Only 4 pots available out of 5 pots.
Updated at 15.00 ( 24/3/2010 ) : Only 3 pots available
Updated at 16.51 ( 24/3/2010 ) : Only 2 pots available
Updated at 11.59 ( 25/3/2010 ) : Only 1 pot available
Updated at 12.38 ( 25/3/2010 ) : SOLD OUT. Offer closed.


Orked Fazilah said...

cantiknyer..unik sgt.
mmg xpenah tengok jenis orkid ni...=)

. said...

Bukan orkid kak..tapi Hoya namanya

Shafa said...

salam,sia pun minat gak kt hoya nie. nk tanya brapa lama umo dia membolehkn kuar bunga yg sbgini ropa...yg sia punyer kat umah tu dh umo 1/2 thn daun jer yg mkin bnyk bunga tak der tanda nk timbui,