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Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)

Nak belajar tanam Orkid? Dapatkan buku hebat ini :)
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lycopodium dalhousianum


Here the rare exotic fern allies from Malaysia! Known as Lycopodium dalhousianum. Also popular as Blue Fern. For local people in Pahang state ( 1 of Malaysia state ), they called it Ekor Kuda ( Horse tail ).

This lyco can reach 4 meters long. I propogate my L. dalhousianum through stem cutting and clump division. If you grow it through stem cutting, need to wait about 5 to 6 months to see the keiki. And yes, stem cutting technique take a long time but it will give you more plants in a period of time. Refer to my graphic article about this technique here.

Clump division easier than stem cutting. But, you need to sacrifice your big beauty clump into a several small clumps. Every division should have minimum 2 stems to guarantee your success.

For media, I used only 100% Sphagnum moss to grow all of my lycos. At the surface of the media I grow a living moss for nature look.

I feed my lycos with seaweed based fertilizer. Also another organic fertilizers. Becareful if you feed them with chemical fertilizer, never overdose! Or it will burn your plant root.

L.dalhousianum need 50% sunlight to grow well and will give you healthy leaves. Usually silverish green color.

Currently, I have 10 pots of L.dalhousianum. I wish to multiply my 'Horse tail' until 100 pots. End of this year, if no problem with disease infection to my stem cutting, I'm sure will have about another 20 pots of L.dalhousianum. And, all of them is NOT FOR SALE. That's why the TBV: Private Conservation Centre built for.


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